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Find personnel: 7 resumes in Saxophonist area

DomKadrov.ru suggests the following approach for staff search:

If you are handling a tactical issue of filling a particular position, you can place an open position at our site.

Pay attention to position description. Position title should be as much informative as possible.

The more detailed information you provide within all fields, the more potentially interesting candidates will know about the position.

The number of interested candidates and their lists are available at your open positions page.

We also suggest an advice on how to increase feedback from your published positions without any service fee incurred. If your need for personnel is urgent, our paid advertising for open positions service makes sense.

On top of the above described approach you can search for personnel within the existing candidate database.

If several staff members are involved in selection process, personalized access feature could be applied. In this case the involved people may exchange information inside the database making the recruitment process more efficient.

From the strategic point of view, an important attribute of our software is an ability to build up a long term (no time limits for storage) company's own database of candidates. You and your colleagues can use information collected within one candidate search for future searches. There are convenient utilities for this in our program. For example, you can leave internal comments for yourself and your colleagues within the corresponding field of candidate's entry. This field is not visible for the candidate or other employers.

We wish you pleasant and efficient recruitment!


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