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Paid advertising for open positions: you determine the price

If your open position is placed at the top of job search result pages, it is viewed by candidates up to hundred times more often, than if it was placed far from the start of the results list.

Within job search result pages paid positions are placed before other positions and they are highlighted by bold font.

Minimum price of 10 RUR per thousand impressions of your position allows you to attract additional candidates at optimized cost.

You set the price for impressions of your open position. At job search pages paid positions with higher price are placed before those with lower one.

You manage the price of a particular position through special Interface that makes it possible to change the price at any moment (see Setting the price). Your open position can at any time be converted into free category by assigning a zero price. Program will automatically assign zero prices to all positions if money balance comes down to zero. In such case position publications will continue in a free mode.

Setting the price Ц determine your target audience

At any job search result page paid positions with higher price are placed before those with lower one competing for candidates' attention.

Depending on search parameters (e.g., city Kiev or Tver, function Accountant or Trade accountant), competition may be higher or lower Ц the wider the audience, the higher the competition.

If you manage to determine your target audience correctly, you shall avoid unnecessary expenses incurred by competition for undesirable audience.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency of your expenses we recommend the following steps:
  1. Place your open position in a free mode (zero price). Pay special attention to the fields of the proposed open position form:
    • "Function", "Employer industry" Ц the more detailed values you pick up for these fields, the higher number of your target candidates will see the position;
    • "City" Ц it is better to indicate particular city or town. Values like "any city" or "particular region" are less concrete and, therefore, they are likely to attract lower attention;
    • "Position title" Ц more specific title means better targeting. E.g., the title "Medical equipment sales manager with his own client base" will be noted by your target candidate sooner than the title "Sales manager".
  2. Try to find the placed position at job search result pages in four different ways Ц through positions search by city, by function, by industry, and also by inputting key words into the field prior to the "Search" button at any job search page.

    If you easily find your position, it is enough to set the minimum price Ц 10 RUR per thousand position impressions Ц to guarantee your target candidates' additional attention to the position. But if you encounter large number of competing paid positions (highlighted by bold font), you should seek higher visibility for your open position by increasing the price. Here you may find it helpful to refer to all employers paid positions statistics by city, by function, by industry.


After we receive your down payment (see Payment instructions), an access to the Paid positions management interface will be granted. This includes:
  • Current money balance;
  • Price per thousand impressions for every open position, with changing possibility. Initial value is set to zero;
  • Paid impressions and expenses statistics for every position, as well as cumulative values for all positions.

Payment instructions

Paid advertising for open positions should be prepaid by:
VISA MasterCardBank card payment (various currencies / from RUR 10, on-line processing);
payment orderBank transfer (RUR / from RUR 1000, payment is processed within one working day after beneficiary's bank receives the transfer);

Detailed payment instructions are available upon registration.

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