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Open position ec-ye oa

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ec-ye oa
Date published: 13/02/19      Position code: 469818-67

City: Murmansk

Function: Work for students, part-time / Work at home, distant work

Employer industry: Manufacturing / Consumer goods manufacturing / Cosmetics, perfumery manufacturing

Detailed description:


ya o py? o oo a oya

pa a o ? o a

opy? o p a yo a

oo, o, o ?

a o, oo aa apaaa y a,

aao py oo, paoa a oo

( o ooo).

a oao:

paoa poo oo ao a a

oa, paoa o o o. , oya

yaa a oo, oo oa .

oo oy y y p, op

a, - -y, oopa papa

p, a oopo o aao.

pa o y a, a y

po 5 -y o , a

o o o, o oy

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